Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Gulf Coast RV Park, Beaumont, TX

After a wonderful few days with friends in Harper, TX over Labor Day Weekend we were back on the road and heading for Beaumont, TX. It was a long rainy day, but we were rewarded with a surprisingly nice park. Gulf Coast RV Park is a large, well-appointed, campground in Beaumont. After all the rain the area has had over the last few days it was nice to see all the sites are paved. Still, Bella managed to find the soggy parts of the dog park.

We have been having a hard time getting good information about the path of Tropical Storm Gordon. We know it is expected to cross over or near Gulfport, MS, which is our next stop on the way home. All indications are that it will have passed over Gulfport before morning. When we get up we will check the weather to ensure the winds will be conducive to travel, and also check to see that the campground at the Navy base will be open.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Route 66 RV Park, Edgewood, NM

Well, we had planned to try Bureau of Indian Affairs Highway 59 to cut the corner from US 160 to US 191, but we had conflicting directions from multiple guidance sources. None of the GPS sources like Apple Maps, Google Maps and Garmin wanted us to use BIA 59, so we drove on by and found these three tools still could not agree on a route. We went with US 191 since the Carrier’s Atlas indicated it was the closest approved carrier route. All went well down to I-40 where we then headed eastbound.

Sadly, just east of Gallop, NM at the Continental Divide all traffic came to a stop, and stayed stopped for an hour. A semi had suffered a blowout, crossed the median and struck a westbound Greyhound bus. There were numerous fatalities and debris completely closed the westbound lanes. We saw many ambulances heading west and law enforcement and ambulances passed us eastbound. It also appeared that two police escorted school buses were used to transport the less severely injured to the Gallop hospital. We were fortunate to be near the front of the backup and were eventually on our way with lessened traffic due to the congestion behind us. It was a tragic day for those involved in the accident.

We arrived at Route 66 RV in Edgewood, NM an hour late, but happy to be in one piece.

Campground entrance as you approach from the west on Hwy 333

Typical western campground on the interstate. Roomy, with friendly folks.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Bayfield, CO

We have stopped for the night in Bayfield, CO on our way from Buena Vista to Monument Valley. The campground is a jewel just off US 160 as you approach Durango. Riverside RV Park is a bit more expensive than our usual Durango park, Alpen Rose, but is right on our route. The landscaping here is beautiful and there is a brook that circles through the park. 

Barbara was particularly taken by Al the pet Alpaca.

We met Fred and Joyce DiManno for a brief happy hour once they arrived. They are also members of the FMCA 4Wheelers and were at the Buena Vista rally with us. They live in Boulder City, NV and have come to Bayfield to spend two weeks with Habitat For Humanity.

We are just here for the night, but a longer stay would be nice if we decide to explore this part of Colorado.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Mary Murphy Mine and Pomeroy Lake

This is our last day of trails in Buena Vista, CO. We visited Pomeroy Lake and Mary Murphy Mine. It was another day spent between 11,000’ and 12,000’. I would like to say we have acclimated to the elevation, but we still need to take an occasional deep breath. Out resting heart rates have not yet returned to our sea level norm, and are still in the high eighties for the most part.

I wish we had pictures of Saint Elmo, CO. A few hardy souls still live in this town that once had a pobulaton of over two thousand mine workers. The general store sells antiques from the area, and more importantly, ice cream. There are about one hundred chipmunks, and one mean squirrel,  that hang out across from the general store waiting for handouts. The store sells little bags of nuts for a buck, good for the squirrels and good for the store. People literally have chipmunks climbing all over them to get the nuts. Barbara had a ball.

We have enjoyed our stay in Buena Vista and exploring the local area. Leadville was a nice treat, even if it was to take Barbara to the clinic to get medication for her continued eye irritation. If you get to Leadville be sure to visit the mining museum and have lunch at the Tennessee Pass Cafe. We are already planning next year’s return to this beautiful area.

Mine relics

Pomeroy Lake in the distance. We are having lunch at 12,000'.

Departing Pomeroy Lake overlook.

Approaching Mary Murphy Mine in the distance.

Returning from Mary Murphy Mine.

More mining relics.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Alpen Rose RV Park, Durango, CO

We have traded Moab dust for Durango mud. Yes, we have made the turn, and are headed home.

It rained as we approached the town of Durango, and the road construction and dust from Moab have made a real mess of the coach. Glad I spent the money to have it washed in Spearfish!

Alpen Rose RV Park has been a favorite of ours here in Moab. It is in a very nice setting and has a huge dog park for Bella to run in. Once we set up the campsite we took her over and she managed to find the culverts full of water. She had a ball, but what a mess! This dog loves the water. Can’t keep her out. Revenge was ours, though, as we tool her to the onsite do-it-your-self dog wash. Ten dollars later she was spiffed up again, much to her chagrin.

The Durango-Silverton narrow gauge train came by. We have considered taking it tomorrow, but at $90 each we decided to pass. 
The Silverton train passes just in front of the partk

Not sure what we will do tomorrow, but taking Bella on the river walk is on the list, for sure.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Red Cliffs Inn, Moab, UT

We arrived in Moab a few days before the club rally was to begin so we got caught up on chores and did a little sight seeing and just relaxed in general.
We were met with gorgeous weather on arrival at Portals RV Resort.

A group of us had Sunday brunch at Red Cliffs Inn about twenty miles up the Colorado River. It was a great meal, and the facility is gorgeous. There is a winery adjacent to the inn, so we stopped by for a taste and bought a few bottles for friends.
Red Cliff Inn Reception

If you hope to visit Moab to see the beautiful national parks here this would be the high-end place to stay. Next would be the Marriott, I guess, but although it has nice river views it can not compete with the views and charm of the cabins at Red Cliffs Inn.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Black Hills National Forest, SD

We had several fun off-road rides in the jeep while in Spearfish, must were in the Black Hills National Forest surrounding the towns of Deadwood and Lead. The US Forest Service manages these areas and provides maps and guidance as to which trails area open for specific vehicles. While open, these trails are not necessarily maintained other than by local off-road clubs, and as such can be pretty rough and overgrown. We are familiar with forest trails from Florida, but this area provides steep hills and rocky terrain in addition to paint scratching foliage.

Barbara got a chance to drive some of the trails and, as luck would have it, she was at the wheel as we hit some of the most challenging terrain. She handled it very well, as those who know her would expect.

On our last ride we stopped at the remains of an old mining camp called Carbonate Camp. This was an ill fated attempt at mining in this area and the only remaining evidence of those who took the challenge so many years ago is an overgrown cemetery with nameless markers.
Lunch break overlooking the town of Deadwood.

Carbonate Camp Cemetery.

Carbonate Camp Cemetery grave site.

Carbonate Camp Cemetery.

Trail ride lunch break with the O'Daniels.

Happy Hour at each day's end, and planning the next day's adventure.